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Dan Jones

Dan went from working 60-70 hrs/wk down to just 35 hours AND 4x'd his income. He was even able to take 2 months off once his daughter was born! Now he's confident with where his business is, and excited about the continued growth!

Dave Friedman

Dave has 10x'd his business since he first started working with Real Estate B-School. He went from working over 80 hrs each week to taking 15 weeks of vacation each year. Thanks to REBS he was able to create predictable and consistent growth!

Stacie Peterson

Stacie grew her team, tripled her business, made the move from top producer to business owner and exited production within 6 months! She was ultimately able to sell her business for a 7-figure sum and now she's full time coaching and serving!

Andy Mulholland

Andy 2x'd his yearly transactions, 3x'd the size of his team, and achieved his goal of being able to exit production. Now he works just one day a week and is able to spend more time with his family than ever before!

Kerby Skurat

Kerby drastically reduced his work hours, while going from just him and his wife to over 700 transactions in a single year. By focusing on dollar-productive tasks he was achieve true time and money freedom!

Tyler Goff

Tyler was able to build a team with the structure that allowed him to spend more time working on the business rather than in the business. This allowed him to increase his revenue & reclaim his time.

It's Been Said That The Most Expensive Thing You Can Own is a Closed Mind ... So The Real Question Is ...

Do You Really Believe That You Can Grow & Scale Your Business Despite The Difficult Times Ahead? Suspend any disbelief you might have and let me show you how ...

Not Every Agent Wants to Do the Work Necessary to Succeed at a High Level in This Industry

If this sounds like you, then we will crush this opportunity together!

  • You're tired of feeling overworked and underpaid

  • You're ready to grow your business without giving up your personal life

  • ​You want to be able to put the things first that matter most in your life

  • You want to create the future you and your family deserves

  • You are willing to challenge the status quo in the real estate industry

  • You are ready to start building real wealth

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