Are You A Ninja Agent?

What is Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling was created by Larry Kendall. Over the years, the story has nearly become legend. Below is my version ... but first ... I need to make the following disclaimer and disclosure. I am not a Ninja Selling coach and I have no direct affiliation with The Group or Ninja Selling. However, I am a Ninja agent and I have attended both the agent and broker/manager installations. Before joining eXp, I also owned a small brokerage and we operated as a "Ninja Office."

I strongly encourage you to learn more about Ninja Selling by attending their installations, subscribing to their newsletters, listening to their podcasts and of course you must get the book. As a Ninja, my goal is to provide and share value so that agents who are struggling with the business ... or just trying to figure out a "better way" have a starting point. I will share my experience, materials and ask that you also share ideas so that we can grow together while continuously enhancing the top shelf service that our prospects and clients deserve.

The Power Of Your Database

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